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[Sale] Blockchain Evilginx Phishing (IP Bypass, 2fa, second pass, autobalance)


Начинающий кардер
7 Май 2020
Blockchain system

Ready-made working fake based on evilginx2 for

A phishlet was written, evilginx itself was changed, an additional handler was written to improve functionality, a web panel.

Also on the machine rises a database in which all entered data is stored.
Basically the websites uses the proxy of blockchain and so it makes a kind of "live stream" of the real blockchain and all information is stored.

I am the developer of this product, in the process of using the product, clients keep in touch with them, quickly fix bugs and solve problems if they arise.

At the moment, the product has the following functionality:

- Domains are not banned by Google - the site will not turn red in the browser due a cloaker

- Convenient admin panel with statistics and wallets

- Capture login and password

- Capture session (login from any computer with cookies)

- Soap check and 2FA bypass

- Ip substitution in the letter (the Client instantly confirms the entry through the letter, a warning window does not appear)

- 12 words and a second password

- The script does not make any requests to other / third-party servers, all yours

- Website loading speed as in the original, evilginx bug fixed with no compression (gzip / br)

- The code is not obfuscated, there are no bindings to machines / domains

- Telegram alerts for new wallets

In the near future, the product is awaiting the following revision:

- Autofill all coins to your wallet or to dynamically generated wallets (1 wallet for 1 transfer)

Price: $ 500 - files + installation manual

This option is for those who can independently install evilginx on the server, raise the database, etc.

$ 1000 - files + installation manual + full installation on your server + support

You don't even need to know how http differs from https, I'll install and configure everything for you, you just have to pour traffic to the link and collect coins from wallets

Upon purchase, you receive free updates for all subsequent versions of the product.

With each refinement of the functional, the price will increase significantly!

Telegram: @avamius
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