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11 Мар 2020
YQ machinery manufactures wet glue labeling machine to automatically place round container of glass, plastic, aluminum, pet,it is suitable to liquor, condiments ,canned product industry, will wrap-around labels in the vertical position by using cold glue. We adopt PLC touch screen control system that can enhance operational efficiency.
This wet glue labeler reach GMP standard , it can be incorporated with producted line or operated individually.We can do customized design if you have any special requirements.
Main Features
1.Applicable label: Paper label( without paste, the paste will daub by the machine).
2. Application product: Required to be labeled on the Circumference of surface or other Cruved surface
3. Application industry: Food and beverage, chemical industry , pharmaceutcal industry, wine bottles.
4. Application example: Canned food bottles, wine bottles, glass bottles, PVC bottles, vial and other special shaped bottles, according to customers' requirements.
Technical Parameters
Suitable bottle diameter锟?0-100mm
Height of label20-120mm
Length of label20-300mm
Measure precision卤1mm
Inside diameter of the roll锟?5mm
Maximum outside diameter of the roll锟?50mm
Total power1KW
External dimensions2500x900x1270mmLabeling Machines manufacturers
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